Breakfast Tacos, Anyone?

Our choice for New York’s Finest Breakfast Taco, at La Esquina (see below). The secret’s in the sauce?
The Mexican Wrap at 94 Corner Cafe (West 94th & Broadway) features eggs, chicken sausage, spinach, and jalapeños — a potent combo, but it ain’t no taco.
The Red Headed Stranger breakfast taco duo at Javelina (see below) combines eggs with brisket, avocado, cheese, and a mysteriously tasty ranchero sauce.
La Esquina’s Corner Deli has three locations (clockwise from top): 200 West 55th St (6th Ave), 1402 2nd Ave (East 73rd St), and 115 Kenmare St (Lafayette St);

1. La Esquina

The Eggstravaganza food truck lives at East 52nd Street and Park Ave;

2. Eggstravaganza

Find Taco Vision at 244 East 53rd St (2nd Ave);

3. Taco Vision

Downtown Bakery is at 69 1st Ave (East 4th St);

4. Downtown Bakery

Javelina sits catty-cornered from a La Esquina location at 1395 2nd Ave (East 73rd St);

5. Javelina

Playa Betty’s is at 320 Amsterdam Ave (75th St);

6. Playa Betty’s

Sweet Life Pastry is at 3887 Broadway (162nd St);

7. Sweet Life Pastry

Yellow Rose is at 102 3rd Ave (East 13th St);

8. Yellow Rose

One of the King David Tacos carts sits at Madison Square Park, 26th St and 5th Ave;

9. King David Tacos

Tacombi’s locations in Manhattan include: 377 Amsterdam Ave (79th St), 202 East 70th St (2nd Ave), 23 West 33rd St (5th Ave), 255 Bleeker St (Cornelia St), and 30 West 24th St (6th Ave);

10. Tacombi




Jack Crager is a writer and editor based in New York City (

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Jack Crager

Jack Crager

Jack Crager is a writer and editor based in New York City (

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