A Tale of Two Concerts

Adam Grannick (left) plays with the Socially Distant Orchestra at the 104th St Garden; Parliament-Funkadelic guitarist Michael Hampton wails under a moonlit sky (and his own hoodie) at SummerStage.
Sidewalk flower beds burst to life in spring and summer.

The Venues

The Summer Solstice backdrops the Make Music New York show at West 104th St. Community Garden.
SummerStage in Central Park kicks off its 2021 concert series with relatively modest crowds.

The Bands

Local members of the Socially Distant Orchestra were conducted by Nena Kunnatee (front left) at their 104th Street debut (photo courtesy Adam Grannick).
George Clinton (third from right) presides while Parliament-Funkadelic features an evolving array of singers, percussionists, horns and guitars (photo by Ken Spielman).

The Future

View from behind the stage of Dead & Company at Madison Square Garden.




Jack Crager is a writer and editor based in New York City (jackcrager.com).

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Jack Crager

Jack Crager

Jack Crager is a writer and editor based in New York City (jackcrager.com).

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